Hi, I am Alexander Zenner, but you can call me Alex!

IT Systems Engineering M.Sc. student at Hasso Plattner Institute

Currently: I am writing my master thesis on a new health application that enables users to create their own personal N-of-1 trials to improve their health and well-being.

Next Step: Starting my career as product manager after graduating in April 2021 *looking for positions*.

I am lucky to have found my passion early in life:

  • 💡 Reveal a true user problem.
  • 🎯 Solve the problem.
  • 🔁 Repeat this process over and over again.

Obviously this process is more nuanced. That is why I chose to focus my education on software engineering and gathered experience in design thinking and product management.

Completed Projects (selection)

"StudyU" medical trial platform
Master project

Project website
Github repo
Preprint of our paper

Product support platform
Consulting project
"ProductComposer" web application
Consulting project
Lead developer

Design Development Launch MaintenanceTeam-Leadership

Beacon in the Dark: A System for Interactive Exploration of Large Email Corpora
Bachelor group project and thesis

Paper published at CIKM '18

"HackHPI" Hackathon
Co-founder and organizer
"Laissez-Faire Les Crêpes" Desktop Game
Group project for Software Architecture course
"TecTex China" Corporate Identity and Marketing Material
Internship at a sourcing company in Nantong, China